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En 2007, elle a joué dans le premier épisode de la série American Family, sur la chaîne américaine CBS. Elle a, par la suite, joué dans un épisode de la série How I Met Your Mother.Cette même année (2007), Lucy est apparue dans deux épisodes de la célèbre série Disney Channel, Les Sorciers de Waverly Place, où elle incarne Miranda la petite amie gothique de Justin Russo.The actress shared a pic on Independence Day of herself and Justin Bieber's "swagger coach" in front of a gorgeous sunset.

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And you do it all by being the most beautiful, talented, smart and badass babe, you do it by being you, 100%. For the blonde beauty's birthday, he shared a a beautiful picture of Ashley, referring to her as 'babe.'' 26 candles for this beautiful light @itsashbenzo. You've literally had a huge hand in changing my life.

Not enough words to describe the impact you've had on my life. More than friends: For her birthday in 2014, Tyler also shared a similar message.

The group also enjoyed each other's company, playing in the ocean together.

Benson was joined by boyfriend Ryan Good on the vacay.

En 2003, à l'âge de 13 ans, elle participe à l'émission American Juniors, une version junior de American Idol.