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We source the most beautiful and or “Triple bottom line” refers to the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social equity and economic demands.

Something is only sustainable if it’s good for the environment, good for society and makes some good money.

We happen to think those things aren’t mutually exclusive.' Reformation’s design mission is to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure.

The design process starts with us thinking about what we really want to wear.

Most fashion is designed 12-18 months before it’s released, but at Ref a sketch becomes a dress in about a month.

We’re designing and making what you want to wear right now.

Even though viscose is made from natural fibers, it still has a lot of the same issues as synthetic fabrics. We are looking for a partner who will work with us to develop a woven fiber like viscose with an improved environmental impact. About 10% of our products are made out of “deadstock” fabrics. We buy old, leftover, and over-ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses.