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The star, who has four children, dropped from a size 22 to a size 16 by shedding five stone.

But, after she admitted having the surgery in 2006, some fans and viewers felt that they had been misled, particularly because she appeared in a number of magazine articles promoting the best ways to get fit and lose weight naturally.

'I still take a small amount of anti-depressant every day. 'Sadly, I think it's something we have in the family: my maternal grandmother, my father, my brother, me.' Miss Britton, who quit This Morning in July after ten years, revealed in her autobiography, My Life, that she was so depressed at one point she planned to crash her car into a brick wall.

'This summer, when I finished work, I thought I will ease myself off it and see what happens. She also defended her decision not to report the fact that she was raped to police.

Newspapers were introduced in this part of Europe in the early seventeenth century, a few decades after the northern provinces of the Low Countries obtained their independence from Spain in 1579 by the Union of Utrecht and became the Republic of the United Netherlands.