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and Grub 1.99, packaged with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin).Content reflecting other versions of Grub 2 will be noted in the appropriate entry. Users who still have Grub 0.97 installed on their Ubuntu systems can upgrade to GRUB 2 by installing the currently-supported releases of Ubuntu or by enabling repositories which contain the GRUB 2 package GRUB 2 is capable of password-protecting menu editing, access to the GRUB 2 terminal, and specific or all menu entries.GRUB 2 provides excellent capabilities for troubleshooting and correcting boot problems from the boot menu or GRUB 2 terminal.

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But the KDE team is slowly working the bugs out of the desktop and it is turning into something that could easily help the new user make the leap from Windows to Linux.

Aside from helping new users, KDE does have a lot to offer.

I had my window 7 in C and then installed Linux Mint 15 and there was no Windows 7 loader. The principal is simple, 10_linux will boot first as its number is less then 30_os-prober. sudo mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober sudo update-grub 3.

Now restart your computer and window 7 will boot first by default. If you have any problem related to this comment, post it in your comment.

The ability to manually boot using the Grub command-line constitutes the biggest security risk in Linux.