Updating pearl

February 2017 - New in Akoya.net: Payment Creator Business Process October 2016 - Consider Bromelkamp Learning Opportunities; Email Templates vs.When a Pearl Theme Update is released it is recommended to install it on your store as new updates contain new features and fixes for issues reported by users.This is possible via a smart and simple hook mechanism that integrates the package content within the Pearl ecosystem.

updating pearl-57

Updating pearl

If you want to use a third-party project that is not available in the Official Pearl Hub, you can: the third-party project inside the Pearl environment.

Inside your git repository, you just need to add the third-party project as a git submodule.

For instance, to add the powerline in your Pearl package, you can introduce a submodule in the Then, you just need to modify the config scripts in order to integrate the third-party project inside Pearl environment.

To see examples of Pearl packages from third-party projects take a look at the Official Pearl Hub.

Note: If you purchased the Pearl Theme from Magento Marketplace please refer to on how to download the files.