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After much public protest from parents and teachers alike, the prime minister brought the program to an end.

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The following routes are the routes favored by the pilots of Karlskrona. Right-click on the link, appropriate for your ship and the itinerary of your choice, in the table below.

Note that the choice of route is related to the vessel's draft or other characteristics, such as vessel size, wind, visibility, etc. A dialog box opens, click "Save As" and select the appropriate destination directory to save the file in.

Sergei Lavrov, Clinton’s counterpart as Russian Foreign Minister, insisted that despite the US Secretary of State’s objections, Moscow would go through with starting up the reactor.

Although Putin told Clinton that a sanction resolution against Iran “was possible” — at the same time, (all smiles) — the Prime Minister cautioned Clinton that sanctions “do not always resolve the issue and in some cases could be counterproductive.” In other words, behind Putin’s smile, is pure steel.

describes the method by which mariners may check the ECDIS displays for the new ENC symbols contained in Edition 4.0 of the Presentation Library.