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There was no evidence of centrally-coordinated forced mobilization of children. "Uzbeks Toil To Keep Silk Industry's Traditions Alive." [online] March 12, 2013 [cited January 2, 2014]; A high ratio indicates a high degree of current primary education completion. As a result, statistics on children’s work in general are reported in this chart, which may or may not include the worst forms of child labor.

However, the Government maintained policies in the cotton sector that mandate regional harvest quotas and set crop prices at levels that create incentives for local administrators to forcibly mobilize labor, creating an ongoing risk of forced child labor. "The Great Silk Road, or a Second Slavery for Uzbek Farmers." [online] December 31, 2013 [cited October 23, 2015]; The calculation includes all new entrants to the last grade (regardless of age). For more information, please see “Children's Work and Education Statistics: Sources and Definitions” in the Reference Materials section of this report.

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A Presidential Decree was issued in October 2016 prohibiting unannounced inspections in private businesses, including labor inspections.