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When you hear the terms, it’s these values of manhood that existed from the Samurai culture in Japan to the warrior tribes in Africa, from the Vikings in Scandinavia to the Indians in North America, that you’re being called to .

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On this site one of the main concerns about the state of men comes from women who are confident enough to who wonder where all the real men have gone?

I say they’re confident in asking this question aloud because it’s not a popular question for women to ask from a societal standpoint because it implies that, in part, they want the men that a regression but a call to bring back and once again teach the values that made us a great, free society.

As with all well-intended movements or causes there are unintended negative effects.

I say “well-intended” and also mean “well-accomplished”.

The negative side-effects, of course, range from a desire for fairness with the result being a complete lack of it.