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Even with the return of almost every original New Directions member, the second episode drags a bit more than the first, in part because it's focused on a wave of new kids.Over at Dalton, Blaine's trying to get a young woman a spot on the Warblers, and at Mc Kinley, Kurt and Rachel and the New Directions alumni are in full-on recruiting mode.

In a nutshell: Kurt and Blaine have broken up; Blaine has returned to Lima, taken over the Warblers, and begun dating Dave Karofsky; and Rachel's TV pilot crashed and burned, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her own life and reboot the New Directions, which Sue (now terribly evil again after briefly dabbling in niceness) destroyed.

There are plenty of over-the-top moments — was it completely necessary for Rachel to sing "Let It Go" while Sue froze in an igloo or for the New Directions to perform a partially animated version of "Take On Me" in the style of the video?

Also, who decided it was a good idea for Naya Rivera to perform a song originally by her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend?

Given my struggle to invest in the last batch of new New Directions members (forcibly transferred to other schools by Sue), I'm not thrilled about having a whole new crop of kids to adjust to.

Also, he's taken over Vocal Adrenaline, and his first order of business was apparently to saddle them with poor choreography and mope because none of them wanted to talk about their feelings.

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