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Ryan also gets a nude scene in the film, as he is almost raped by one of his captors, played by Stephen Grush, leading to a struggle as both men remain pantsless.

Joshua Jackson also stars on the series as Cole, the husband of the aforementioned waitress.

The duo has a couple sex scenes during the episode, allowing Joshua to show off some rear nudity as well.

The campy horror flick The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror centers on a group of gays and lesbians who find themselves forced to check in to a dilapidated bed & breakfast inn only to find the owner Helen and her daughter Luella are psychotic killers.

James Tolins spends some major screentime in his underwear before his character’s demise.

Michael plays a fellow patient, Darren, and gets a great rear nude scene as his character gets hot and steamy with another resident in the showers before getting attacked by what appears to be the real boogeyman, in the flesh.