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He said: 'I would like to thank my magnificent makeup team. You were kind, you were funny, you were patient, and we got through 63 applications.'He then thanked his wife Gisele for tolerating that same makeup, and the huge level of commitment necessary for him to embody the character.'She told her friends, 'I go to bed with Winston Churchill but I wake up with Gary Oldman,'' he began, before adding, 'which I suppose is better than the other way around,' causing the audience to chuckle.

It’s a testament to the actor’s virtuosity that the first two films show Oldman playing quintessential Englishmen — Sid Vicious and George Smiley — who exist on completely different ends of the behavioral spectrum. Also, Oldman loves to do thorough research, and in this case there was simply too much — Churchill authored 50 books, not to mention the copious biographies.

The British actor proudly collected his first ever Golden Globe award at the Beverly Hilton hotel, and was clearly overwhelmed as he took to the stage.

Grapsing tightly onto his trophy, Gary, who has received high praise for his portrayal of Churchill in the new flick, told the audience: 'I feel very humbled and surprised to have been asked to this stage.'He first thanked the highly skilled make-up and technical staff on set, who spent a whopping five hours transforming him into the politician every morning.

'" Dr Tharoor first rose to prominence after his heartfelt speech at Oxford Union, discussing the economic toll British rule took on India, in July 2015 went viral.