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I was born with male plumbing but by the time I got old enough to identify boys and girls I identified with females. Hello I am not true hermaphrodite but a female pseudohermaphrodite I was born with a extreme big clitoris , like a penis so i was a to my puberty i lived normal as a boybut then the troubles with my body startedwith 14 i had my menarchewith 15 i had cup b boobsfrom that...

ok, i have left a few posts here, mabey a little to long, mabey to graphic, i cant say.

I was born in1958 they sead I was male I lived and acted like a boy through out childhood but in my mind somthing told me I was different I did not know how just different, When I turned 6 or 7 I started to act different in small ways I started being more sensitive and... I guess I deserve it if I can't even finish an Edith Wharton novel, "oh please don't take the sleeping pills, I'll sell Rip Van Winkles hat". I'm very glad to be here and share alittle about myself to you all!

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I had a few apples,the fibre seemed to fill me up... and trust me writing this and confess this is really really difficult for me. There is no need, you're going to get bad feed back and the block button is right...

Okay, maybe not hermaphrodite in the strictist medical terms, but I have been diagnosed as transgendered and intersexed.

One strong feeling I get, having read of all the struggles and hardship many Hermaphrodites have had to endure, is anger. I just had my birthday and realize how life is just passing me by. I am just a little bit jealous seeing my little sisters and... But I find myself being emotionally and spiritually attracted to true a hermaphrodite. I truly feel that they are sensuous, more sensitive to the needs of others and extremely sexy. for a long time i have known that i am so strange, that to ever find someone who could get past my disability, let alone help me deal with it, was about as crazy a thing to hope for as you could possibly come up with, nonetheless, i believed it could happen, and still do. But recently it has been growing huge with no signs of slowing down. Every song reminded me of Im sorry to say I cant move from this.

I can no longer wear skirts and strap it down when in public fearing it will be hard.

I caemback to say I know how Herculne/Alex/Alxina felt now. I would be honored to be in a loving relationship with person born with both male and female parts.