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A Las Vegas police document says "The Drive Stun causes significant localized pain in the area touched by the Taser, but does not have a significant effect on the central nervous system.

The Drive Stun does not incapacitate a subject but may assist in taking a subject into custody." involved university police officers using their Taser's "Drive Stun" capability (referred to as a "contact tase" in the University of Florida Offense Report).

The force applied is therefore proportional to the strength of the person receiving the shock rather than the strength of the police officer.

Taser darts can incapacitate, not just cause pain compliance, and are thus preferred by some law enforcement over non-Taser stun guns and other electronic control weapons, which, like a Taser when used solely in "Drive Stun" mode, can only do the latter.

It holds three new type cartridges, which are much thinner than the previous model.